Best Spam Ever – Repost!

Here’s the most entertaining Nigerian/419 scam email I’ve ever gotten. The best parts are in blue :




By now this kind of email is prehistoric news, but this was was special for the combination of the incredibly unbelievable location, the gratuitous invocation of the United Nations and the bold request for so much information.

Read more to see what we sent back to him, and the subsequent email chain.




Well that got him hooked.




Had we been as dedicated as these 419 scam vigilantes we might have taken another course, but we only have so much time here…. in this life full of people to piss off….




As you can imagine… He never responded back. I’m sure he had to google “Nutterbutter” though… His country did not have such amazing things as NutterButters….


Thanks to: For entertaining me all afternoon!

An Ode to Amazing Vandalized Billboards !

While doing my daily Digg searching. I came across an incredible find. Which led me to our blog posting of the day… Well, of to-day. Which is incredible vandalized billboards.

Enjoy this amazing gallery I put together for you with only the “Best Of’s” :

National Convert an Emo Day!

Show Emos’ this is not the way. Their path could be much happier today!

Now that I’ve said something warm and fuzzy on the subject, I can now mock it and show funny and border line, wrong, pictures…. Yay!

ENJOY! ( Click image below to view full size! )